Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sea Side and Atlantic City

The other day both Meg and I had a day off that fell on the same day (rare occurrence) so we jumped in the car and headed down the Jersey shore. I had never been to Sea Side, so this was a bit of an adventure for me. We walked the boardwalk, played some games, had some pizza and beer. While we were sitting in a bar, we got a call from Meg's good friend Ashton, Ashton was on her way from DC to Atlantic City for a bachelorette party and invited us down for the night, since we were only an hour away, we again jumped in the car and headed further south. We had dinner, a couple drinks and gambled a bit... something I had never done before. I ended up leaving AC with more money than I started with so it was a good time.

If you look closely at the last photo, you will notice a $25 gaming voucher... I'm what most would call a "high roller"


bryan nixon May 20, 2009 at 10:40 PM  

hey bro,

just wanted to say that i really dig your style. i also really resonate with your desire to transcend the wedding scene! any pointers on how to do that?


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